UTCSCU was founded by a group of teachers affiliated with different Savings and Credit Societies (SACCOs) and was incorporated as a Co-operative in 2010 by the Registrar of Co-operatives of the Republic of Uganda. The Union was launched by His Excellence Yoweri K. Museveni, the President of Republic of Uganda on 23rd July 2011 at Jinja Main Street Primary School. It was at this occasion that UTCSCU requested for the financial support, which was granted. The President promised to give to teachers through UTCSCU Sh. 25 billion in five phases over five years in the National Budget. The “Presidential Pledge” was actualized in the National Budget of 2013/2014.

UTCSCU has a total number of 30 voluntary registered SACCOs (national wide and List attached) with a total population of 2614 teachers and is still growing with the aim of bringing all Teacher SACCOs on board. The Union embraces a pro-active activity programme focused on Microfinance (saving culture, credit management and financial literacy), Capacity building for socio-economic transformation, growth and development (economic and financial issues, productivity and innovation, market development, health/HIV/AIDS issues), sustainable engagement in development projects (poultry, cattle & goats commercial rearing, plantation farming, Agro-processing) and liaison forum for teachers’ empowerment through advocacy, positive attitude/perception, share/exchange of ideas to value proposition.

Our Organizational Philosophy

Maintaining a stake holder’s participatory approach that incorporates the all-involvement principle of teachers and partners in development to socio-economic transform and empower the teachers to enhance their welfare, development and esteem in the profession of education.

Our Vision

An institution that lobbies and champions high esteem, self-realization and actualization in the teaching profession amongst all teachers in Uganda while teacher enjoy increased levels of income, improved welfare and have commitment to the profession.

Our Mission Statement

To coordinate teachers’ SACCOs to transform the welfare and profession their members through savings and credit facilities, and creating a liaison forum for teachers’ practical interventions.