Asset Financing Loan

Asset Financing loan is an asset acquisition-based loan product that is designed to empower teachers to own assets that generate extra income. The loan facility is defined to acquisition of both little and heavy machinery in short and long term respectively (interlock brick making machine, pave and concrete machines), commercial trucks, tractors, silos, welding machines etc. AFL product is envisaged to supplement on teachers’ income with an extra economic engagement (production of pavers, concrete blocks, curvets, enhanced agricultural production as well as trade and commerce).

  1. Individual loan acquisition under AFL
  2. Project plan and Invoices from different the suppliers
  3. Collateral security (the actual asset is the collateral for the CBM facility)
  4. Minimum of 3,000,000 and maximum of 20,000,000
  5. UTCSCU allots 80% of the total cost and 20% is solicited by the client
  6. 1-5 years loan repayment
  7. 11% interest per annuum
  8. Introductory letter from L.C 1 and school