Construction & Building Materials Facility (CBM)

Construction & Building Materials Facility (CBM) was developed after undertaking a baseline and reconnaissance survey in regards to the state of Ugandan teachers (primary, secondary and tertiary institutions) and an outlook to the basic needs of society. The researched findings indicate that a majority of teachers do not own land as well as privately own houses. The credit facility shall thus cater for purchase of land (affordable), construction of family sized houses, procurement of building & construction materials (cement, iron sheets, roofing materials) for teacher.

  (N.B, the cost of verification is met by the client and UTCSCU on a 50-50 basis)

  1. Individual loan acquisition under CBM facility
  2. Project plan and budget outlines
  3. Collateral security (the actual land underdevelopment is the collateral for the CBM facility)
  4. Minimum of 3,000,000 and maximum of 20,000,000
  5. 1-5 years loan repayment
  6. 11% interest per annuum
  7. SACCO receives 2% interest of 11% interest per annum from each member
  8. Introductory letter from L.C 1 and school