1. To unite all Teachers SACCOs and provide technical assistance, lobby for low interest rate loans and give longer periods. This will involve sensitizing teachers on profitable use of Micro-Finance services. Teachers shall be encouraged to develop the culture of saving;
  2. To promote and enhance teachers’ human and material development at individual and professional levels through engaging in appropriate income generating activities;
  3. To promote members’ economic ability to acquire tangible assets such as land and decent houses through provision of long term loans;
  4. To lobby and offer scholarships to teachers and / or their children to acquire desirable educational standards to enable them face life’s challenges.
  5. To identify the challenges and service gaps in the endeavor to improve the teachers’ socio-economic welfare such as lobbying for improved and revised the teachers’ conditions of service. There is also a need to streamline the issue of teachers who go to teach abroad, to guarantee their safety and payment,
  6. To initiate, co-ordinate and facilitate the involvement of government, civil society organizations and donors in the process of improving teachers’ socio economic conditions;
  7. To promote dialogue, networking and information exchange with other teachers co-operatives and organizations that deal with the promotion of education and the socio-economic status of teachers in East Africa so that we learn from each other. The knowledge acquired can be used to impart the East African spirit in the students of Uganda;
  8. To liaise with government organs such as the police to sensitize and engage the public on  community concerns such as corruption, child sacrifice, marrying off of young girls, school drop-outs, rape and defilement, environmental protection, patriotism etc…;
  9. To provide consultancy services on all education related issues;
  10. To network with other organizations that deal with issues of HIV/AIDS by increasing awareness among teachers. This will involve sensitization, counseling and testing. The teachers will be equipped with the right information for themselves and to pass on to the students;
  11. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the enhancement and development of education in Uganda.

UTCSCU’s communication strategy is a designed plan to achieve our communication objectives.

  • Internal communications themes

All our communication theme, message and presentation are consistent and principled to the beliefs, values and vision of the organization;

  1. Love your teaching profession

Descriptive narrative; UTCSCU holds a belief that teachers should feel proud about their teaching profession. Teachers are on the forefront of Uganda’s socio-economic transformation and development

  1. Use your teaching profession to grow (economic, social, professional growth, further studies, promotions, personal growth; – improved standards of living & improved quality of life)

Descriptive narrative; Teaching profession is the basis to access credit or microfinance from UTCSCU and its partners

  1. Grow Progressively to socio-economic transformation and development.