Partnership between Micro-Finance Support Centre (MSC) Ltd and UTCSCU

 UTCSCU envisages an establishment of a working relationship with MSC as Partner in development to promote socio-economic transformation, growth and development of teachers in Uganda. UTCSCU fits well within the mandate of MSC; (To facilitate access to affordable Financial Services and strengthen management capacities of Microfinance Institutions and SMEs.”) in order to reduce poverty amongst the masses (including teachers) through promotion of practical engagement in a culture of saving as a means of accumulating capital and credit for development and to enhance socio-economic empowerment.

UTCSCU envisions helping the teachers to access micro-finance at very low interest rates. The proposed relationship is projected to highlight and define roles and specific objectives within the specified time frame of both players (UTCSCU & MSC).  UTSCU will develop a proposal which MSC will assess and evaluate to identify the activity programs (projects) that conform to their policy guidelines and thus finance them while exercising guidance, close monitoring and evaluation.

Other Partners:

  • Ministry of Education.
  • Office of The Prime Minister