UTCSCU shall be a high value capacity building intervention with ability change the teachers’ lives, while organized in their respective cooperatives. The following are services that UTCSCU shall provide to teacher SACCOs clientele.

Lobbying and Advocacy Core Services Research  and Studies
  • Representations;
  • Liaising with the government organs (guaranteeing safety of teachers interests and provisions of their benefits);
  • Networking with development partners including civil society organizations and donors;
  • Concepts and Proposals development for funding;
  • Linkages building (scholarships for teachers, housing projects, asset financing etc).
  • Provision of credit;
  • Capacity building for personnel in Teacher SACCOs;
  • Institutional Strengthening and mentoring of new teacher SACCOs;
  • HR Performance Management in members SACCOs;
  • Marketing;
  • Credit provision and Management;
  • Product development;
  • Business planning;
  • Making of Standard templates for policies and procedures manuals;
  • Products and services re-engineering;
  • Technical back-stopping.
  • Market and Social research;
  • Surveys

·         Program Assessments and Evaluation studies.